Gams Note is a brand founded in 2021 by Alessandro Marchetto.

The brand's aim is to create a total look for men that is completely Made in Italy, using selected fabrics saved from the waste production of high-end European fabric producers.

For ethical and sustainable reasons, the collections are designed without seasonality, produced in small quantities, with garments suitable for multiple occasions, easily layered, and with a very high attention to the product and its wearability.

The main inspiration comes from extensive research and deconstruction of the world of men's uniforms, especially scouting and outdoor wear.

The intention is to create a "polite uniform" by revealing the aesthetic values and core ethical principles of the brand.


Sustainability and social ethics

Inclusivity and respect for the environment, the two core ethical principles of the brand.

Telling and representing minorities, especially the lgtbq+ world, and creating a strong connection with the territory and space we live in.

Another of our main goals is to always create a connection with the territory and the space in which we live, trying to be as sustainable as possible, and respectful of the environment in which we have the privilege of living.